An Overview of the Season & the Hatches on Kamloops & Area Lake

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An Overview of the Season & Hatches on Kamloops & Area Lakes

- There are over 200 lakes in the area -

article and photos by Gordon Honey

The hatches on Kamloops lakes are quite predictable, usually within one or two days.

Ice Off:

Let's start with ice off in April on Lake X and follow the hatches throughout the season. We can expect a little Boatman activity at ice off, but usually it is the meat and potatoes of the invertebrate menu - Shrimp, Leeches and Dragons that produce early results. Lake X then goes into turn over and is not fishable for approximately two weeks.


As the lake clears the water warms and the Chironomid (Midge) hatch begins. This is the longest and strongest of all hatches lasting through April, May part of June and re-occurring over the entire season.

Chironomids are especially important as they are eaten as Larvae (Bloodworms), Pupae and on the surface as adults. Chironomids provide some of our best days on the water, we fish the pupa with floating lines, long leaders and at times with strike indicators.


Callibaetis Mayflies occur in late May early June. Like little sailboats they appear on the waters surface, as if by magic, and the way the trout make them disappear is magical as well.


June is THE DRY-FLY MONTH. On some days you will find Caddis (Sedge) in the morning and Mays in the afternoon. If Mays are serene sailboats then Caddis' are deranged speedboats as they skitter across the water, drying their wings, this "wild" dry-fly action lasts through June and into July.


July warms the water and Damsels begin their lake-to-shore migration, followed by their larger cousins the Dragons of August. I fish a lake that has a great Mayfly hatch in July with the action all on the nymph!

Fall Fishing:

September finds cooler water and a secondary Chironomid hatch, as the frosts become more frequent Water Boatman - mating and egg-laying flights begin. Later in September and October finds a return to the basic food chain, Shrimp, Leeches and Dragons, but in very shallow water, 2 to 10 feet, we use floating lines and bead-headed patterns. Bloodworms - the larval stage of the chironomid provides some banner BIG FISH days through October and into November. Fall fishing can be defined as "THE BIG FISH SEASON"

There you have it - The Season!

What to Expect From the Weather

April and May can provide some of the nicest weather, at the same time spring storms can change that very quickly so one must be prepared, rain suits are a must as are shorts in later May. June can be a perplexing month with changeable weather; one day sunny and hot the next cloudy and cool. Fortunately for us this unpredictable weather provides some of the finest dry fly fishing you may ever experience. July and August are usually very hot, bring lots of sunscreen and warm weather clothing. September and October provide not only excellent angling but also cool nights and warm sunny days. As in the spring storms can come quickly so raingear and warmer clothing is a must. Hats and sunglasses are standards both for sun, rain and errant casts!

What Fly Tackle to Bring
  • Your favourite 5 & 6 weights fly rods are perfect.
  • You should carry a minimum of 100 yards of backing on your reels as our Kamloops trout are HOT.
  • Line choices are: #1-Floating; #2-Intermediate; #3 Sink II and a #4 Sink III.

Gordon Honey

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An Overview of the Season & the Hatches on Kamloops & Area Lake