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  Sheridan Lake
Cariboo Region, British Columbia, Canada
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Location: To reach Sheridan lake from 100 Mile House, travel south on Highway 97 for approximately 13 km (8 mi.) until you meet the junction of Highway 24. Take this scenic paved road east, past Lone Butte, for about 32 km (20 mi.) to Sheridan Lake, a 14 km (9 mi.) long lake. Sheridan Lake's reputation as a producer of large rainbow trout brings trout fishing enthusiasts from all over.

Size 1659 ha. (4098 ac.) Shoal 825 ha. (2039 ac.)
Mean Depth 7.6 m. (24.92 ft.) Max. Depth 35.05 m. (115 ft.)
Game Fish Rainbow Trout, Eastern Brook Fish Stocked Rainbow Trout
Angler Usage High Elevation 1115 m. (3600 ft.)
Ice Over November - May T.D.S. 272 mg/L

Resorts & Campsites: Sheridan Lakes, BC, offers great resorts and camping areas plus a store, cafe and gas station provide services and facilities for the large number of avid rainbow trout fishermen who come to this lake. There is a provincial campsite at nearby Bridge Lake, which also offers good fishing.

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Fishing Report: Although the largest certified rainbow trout weighed in at 17 pounds, fishermen's stories claim fish up to 25 pounds. The average is about 3 to 5 pounds. Anywhere from May to October will usually prove successful fishing. Trolling is the most popular method of catching Sheridan Lake's trophy rainbow trout. Any kind of set up can be effective for trolling, but most of the old-timers stick with a fairly soft 8 to 10 foot rod, using either a small mooching reel or revolving spool reel with enough capacity to hold at least 100 yards of 12 pound backing line, with a minimum of 120 feet (4 colours) lead core, and 90 feet of 4-6 pound monofilament leader.

Fly fishing with full sinking lines and long leaders can be very effective as well. In addition, the many weed beds and island shallows make for excellent fly fishing. From June 15th to July 20th flyfishers can enjoy hatches of Mayflies and Traveller Sedges. Chironomids are also abundant at this time. While the stocking of Eastern Brook Trout has been discontinued, Sheridan Lake has received 250,000 rainbow trout.

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Viewscape: The heavily forested rolling hills surrounding the lake are dotted with resorts and residences. The lake itself has many small islands which can provide adventures of their own.

Shoreline: Many areas of the shoreline are reedy.

Note: Always check your current BC Fishing regulations before you start fishing a new lake.

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Sheridan Lake, British Columbia, Canada. Fishing, Camping & Resorts on Sheridan Lake, BC