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Helena Lake
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From 100 Mile House, follow Highway 97 north past Lac La Hache approximately 5km and turn left at the junction onto the Wright Station Road west. Then approximately 2.5km from here turn right. From this junction it is approximately 4km further to Helena Lake. This is a good gravel road (2-wheel drive) and begins near the old cedar sawmill located at the north end of Lac La Hache Lake. 1km of this road is paved.

Alternate route: Take the road at 115 Mile on Highway 97, this road takes you around the south end of Lac La Hache Lake. Approximately 4km from Highway 97 turn left at the Caverly Road sign through an old sawmill site. Approximately 14km from Caverly Road take a left at this junction it is approximately 4km further to Helena Lake.

Size 237.56 ha. (587 ac.) Shoal 202.75 ha. (500.79 ac.)
Mean Depth 3.4 m. (11 ft.) Max. Depth 12.50 m. (41 ft.)
Game Fish Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout Fish Stocked Rainbow Trout
Angler Usage Low Elevation 960 m. (3148.8 ft.)
Ice Over November to May T.D.S. 482 mg/L

Resorts & Campsites: A large Forest Service Campsite with room for 15 camper type units. An easy cartop boat and trailer launch is available. The site is motorhome accessible.

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Fishing Report: Rainbows on average are around 2 pounds with 10 pounders occasionally being taken. Nymphing seems to get the attention of these trout although all methods meet with some success. Ice fishing is a very popular winter pastime on this lake.
Be sure to visit Fishbc.com for angling information!

Viewscape: A medium size (4.5km x 1km) lake. surrounded by pine, spruce, fir and some aspen. Gently rolling, forested hills surround the lake, with pine, spruce, some aspen and an abundance of Douglas fir.

Shoreline: A clear lake appearing light to dark brown in color. Weeds are present at the edge and in shallow spots, being of reed, grass and bottom cover type. Grassy shoreline interspersed with alders and water birch near the shore.

Note: Always check your current BC Fishing regulations before you start fishing a new lake.

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Helena Lake