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Mountain Climbing/ Mountaineering Bugaboo Provincial Park:

The BC Rockies region offers breathe taking scenery and world famous mountaineering. Found in the Purcell Mountains is one such area, known as Bugaboo Provincial Park. Some 70 million years ago, long after the Purchells were formed, molten rock welled up and created intrusions within the old metamorphic rocks. Millions of years of wind, water and glacial erosion removed the softer rocks, leaving sculptured, solid granite masses. These are the Bugaboos.

The Bugaboos are famous and have world class mountaineering. Celebrated mountaineer and guide, Conrad Kain, was the first person to alert the world to the Bugaboos and their recreational mountaineering possibilities. Since his first visit, in 1910, many notable climbers have visited the Bugaboos to climb and map the challenging icefield, glaciers and mountain peaks.

The only mountain in the Bugaboos that does not tower more than 2500 metres (8200 ft.) is Frenchman Mountain. All the rest of the peaks are higher. The tallest summit is the Howser Spire, North Tower at 3398 metres (11,150 ft.). Climbing here is for experienced and knowledgable climbers. Today's free climbing techniques enable climbers to make faster ascents, thus reducing their being exposed to the many lightning storms.

The Bugaboo Glacier Provincial Park and Bugaboo Alpine Recreation Area were set aside in 1969, to preserve and protect this unique part of BC. In 1995, the park and part of the recreation area became Bugaboo Provincial Park. In 1972 the Alpine Club of Canada built the Conrad Kain Hut, which the Parks Division maintains. It is used as a base for climbers and to reduce visitor impact on the fragile ecosystem. A good gravel road, off Highway 95, at Brisco leads to Bugaboo Provincial Park. However, trails and helicopters are the only way into the heart of the park and mountaineering.

Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park:

Mount Assiniboine, is called the "Matterhorn of the Rockies," because of its striking resemblance to the Matterhorn in Switzerland. It is a very impressive mountain and visible from both Banff and Kootenay National Parks. There are no direct roads into Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park. Hike, ski or helicopter into the park.

The main focus of Assiniboine Provincial Park is Mount Assiniboine. It towers over the area at a height of 3618 metres (11,867 ft.), but no point in the park is below 1500 metres (4900 ft.). Mount Assiniboine first scaled in 1901, beckons to climbers from all over the world. Only knowledgable and experienced mountaineers should attempt this climb. Hikers and skiers use this year round playground that has miles of good trails, six lakes, abundant wildlife and spectacular remote wilderness.

Yoho National Park:

Yoho National Park is probably the most magnificent park in British Columbia. It is famed for all its outdoor activities, such as mountain climbing, back country hiking, boating, fishing, riding, photography, nature studies, and skiing. Yoho is also renowned for its nature and wild beauty such as the waterfalls, lakes, hoodoos and the awe inspiring mountains throughout the park.

The Trans Canada Highway that cuts through Yoho Park makes most of the park very accessible. Situated between the Alberta border and the town of Golden in British Columbia, Yoho is open all year long because of the diverse activities the park offers.

With its many hiking trails and back country camping spots, Yoho, is an ideal area for mountaineering. Mountaineering is based in Little Yoho and Waterfall Valleys. Mountain climbing in Yoho is for experienced mountaineers with summits ranging from 2500 metres (8200 feet) to more than 3500 metres (11,480 ft.). The smallest peak is Mt. Dennis at 2541 metres (8334 ft.). Mt. Goodsir, the highest summit in the park, is 3562 metres (11,683 ft.) in height. Between are other mountains that offer excellent climbing such as The President, the Vice President, Mount Chancellor, Mount Vaux, Mount Stephen, and Mount Burgess.

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Mountain Climbing (Mountaineering) in the BC Rockies