Pelly Lake, BC. Pelly Lake, British Columbia

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Pelly Lake
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Location: Approximately 400km (250mi) north of Prince George and approximately 225km (140mi) north of Mackenzie. The map coordinates are north 56 degrees 51' 30" and west 125 degrees 25' 00". Pelly Lake is a fly-in only area.

Surface Area 6,734,000 sq./m. Angler Usage Low
Mean Depth 16.3 m. (52 ft.) Elevation 779 metres(2500 ft)
Max. Depth 25 m. (146 ft.) Ice Over November to mid May
Game Fish Rainbow, Dolly Varden, Char, Bull Trout, Lake White Fish, Mountain White Fish. T.D.S. 156 mg/l

Photo Courtesy of Carlo Parisotto, Pelly Lake Lodge

Resorts & Campsites: Pelly Lake is a fly-in only lake.

Fishing: Pelly Lake has a natural abundance of rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, bull trout, and whitefish. Dolly Varden in early spring can weigh up to 13-pounds.

Fly-casting for rainbow trout can result in catching 6-pounders. Pelly Lake is approximately five miles long and fed by many mountain streams and by the chain of small lakes draining from the eastern entrance of Barrier Pass. The water is clear and cold, making the fish very active fighters. There are other interesting lakes in the surrounding area.

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Pelly Lake, BC. Pelly Lake, British Columbia