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  • British Columbia's beauty brings visitors from all corners of the world. It starts with the west coast and the blue Pacific Ocean pounding against the Coast Mountains forming a coastline of majestic beauty with deep fjords, inlets, islands and sandy beaches. The Rocky Mountains form the eastern boundary of the province. Between these two famous mountains ranges are many valleys, plateaus, lakes, rivers, streams, meadows, rolling grasslands, miles of forests and the wildlife. The terrain is mostly mountainous, with more than sixty mountain ranges dissecting the province. These mountains loudly call to hikers and mountain climbers, it is as if BC was created for outdoor activities.

    The Back Country:

    British Columbia back country is often undeveloped trails. It means stream crossing, making your way through dense bush, and log walking. There are definitely some signs to watch for when heading into the back country. Stay out of burns, they are messy and full of fallen timber. Avoid moraines and slide alder areas as they can be unstable. Where possible, stay to ridge crests because the under brush will be less in these areas.


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