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Knapp Lake
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Location: Knapp is located southeast of the town of Burns Lake. From Burns Lake turn south onto Hwy. #35 and travel to the community of Francois Lake. Take a free, 20 minute ferry ride across Francois Lake to the community of Southbank. From the ferry dock turn left and follow the main road leading southeast to Uncha Lake. Turn right on Campbell Road and then onto Binta Road. Follow this road past the south side of Binta Lake onto the Binta-Cheslatta Lake Road which will take you to the south side of Knapp Lake. By taking the Binta Forest Service Road (as if you are heading to Anzus Lake) and then turning right onto the Binta-Knapp Road you can access the north side of the lake, however the road may be rough. Another way of getting to this lake is by taking the Francois Lake East Road located just west of the community of Fraser Lake off Hwy. #16. Connecting roads to Knapp Lake lead off of Francois Lake East Road.

Size 586.4 ha. (1448.4 ac.) Shoal 97.7 ha. (241.3 ac.)
Mean Depth 16.6 m. (54.5 ft.) Max. Depth 36 m. (118.1 ft.)
Game Fish Rainbow Trout, Lake Char, Lake Whitefish Fish Stocked None
Angler Usage Low to Moderate Elevation 850 m. (2788 ft.)
Ice Over November to Mid-April T.D.S. 84 mg/L

Resorts & Campsites: A small BCFS campsite is located at the lake.

Fishing Report: Knapp can be at times an excellent fishing lake with Rainbows in the 1-1/2 lb. range and Lake Char up to 15 lbs. or better. A Lake Char weighing 31 lbs. was caught in the spring of 1996. Trolling with spoons or plugs along with gang trolls will bring you success catching these huge fish. Lake Whitefish also inhabit Knapp.
Be sure to visit for angling information!

Note: Always check your current BC Fishing regulations before you start fishing a new lake.


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Knapp Lake