Peterhope Lake, British Columbia

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Peterhope Lake
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Location: From the city of Kamloops travel south on Hwy. #5A. The turn-off to Peterhope is found just past the south end of Stump Lake (about 50 km./31 mi.). Turn east (left) on this secondary road and follow it a few kms. to the lake. The road is car accessible.

Size 116 ha. (287 ac.) Shoal Data not Available
Mean Depth 11.6 m. (38 ft.) Max. Depth 33 m. (108 ft.)
Game Fish Rainbow Trout Fish Stocked Rainbow Trout
Angler Usage Moderate Elevation 1082 m. (3549 ft.)
Ice Over November to May T.D.S. Data not Available

Resorts & Campsites: 1 resort with cabins and boats can be found on the northwest shore. A 15 vehicle BCFS campsite with a cartop boat launch is located on the northern shore.

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Fishing Report: Peterhope is blessed with a rich marl bottom, broad areas of shoal, sunken islands and an abundance of aquatic insect life, making it a great lake for the fly fisherman.. Like Stump Lake low water years have hurt Peterhope. In earliers years this famous lake routinely produced Rainbows between 8 and 16 lbs. However, Peterhope is on the rebound and things are starting to look bright again. Managed as a quality water, fish up to 12 lbs. are being caught by experienced fishermen, however trout in the 5 lb. range are the norm for large fish. Not a fast action lake and considered difficult by many, Peterhope still holds trophies for those who will spend time to learn its secrets.
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Nearby Lakes

Glimpse Lake - Glimpse Lake, 95 ha. (235 ac.) in size, is located to the south of Peterhope. It lies at an elevation of 1113 m. (3651 ft.) and can be accessed by car either via Peterhope or Nicola Lake. Glimpse has extensive shoal areas and weedbeds, and offers a fine Chironomid hatch in early spring followed by a Caddis hatch in June. Needless to say, it is a very popular fly fishing lake, producing a good Rainbow fishery with trout reaching into the 2-1/2 lb. range although larger fish have been caught. Two 6 vehicle BCFS campsites with cartop boat launching can be found on the north and south sides of the lake.

Blue Lake - Blue Lake, a small lake with a surface area of 12 ha. (30 ac.), is located 1.5 km. (.9 mi.) northeast of Glimpse. Surrounded by Douglas fir, Blue is a clear water lake with a shoal area that encircles the lake and then drops off to a deep center. Managed as a quality water, fly-only lake, Blue is the home of large Kamloops Rainbows. 8 lb. fish are not uncommon, but hard to catch. Your best chance may come during the Caddisfly hatch in late June. A dry line with your favorite Sedge pattern may land you that tropy of your dreams. 4x4's are recommended especially if the weather is wet. There is a small area for rough camping however BCFS campsites are available at Peterhope. A Provincial Park campsite is located on Nicola Lake. All services and accommodations can also be found in the nearby town of Merritt.

Note: Always check your current BC Fishing regulations before you start fishing a new lake.


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Peterhope Lake, British Columbia