Roche Lake, British Columbia

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Roche Lake
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Location: From the city of Kamloops take Hwy. #5A south for about 26 km. (16 mi.). Turn east (left) onto the Roche Lake Road and travel 11 km. (6.8 mi.) to the lake.

Size 132 ha. (326 ac.) Shoal Data not Available
Mean Depth 7.8 m. (225.6 ft.) Max. Depth 21.3 m. (70 ft.)
Game Fish Rainbow Trout Fish Stocked Rainbow Trout
Angler Usage High Elevation 1135 m. (3723 ft.)
Ice Over November to May T.D.S. Data not Available

Resorts & Campsites: 1 large resort is located on the north end of the lake. There are also small, user-maintained, rustic campsites with boat launches.

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Fishing Report: When someone mentions the great fishing in the Kamloops region, Roche Lake automatically springs to mind. It was one of the lakes selected to host the World Fly Fishing Championship in 1993. Famous for its fly fishing qualities, Roche is a consistent producer of rainbows in the 2-4 lb. range. Larger trout up to 12 lbs. have been caught in this lake. Dry fly enthusiasts are treated with a great Caddisfly hatch starting in mid June and continuing through the first week of July. Chironomids, damsels, dragons and mayflies along with leeches and scuds are all vey abundant in Roche. Situated in an area with several other great trout lakes close by, Roche is a natural choice for a fabulous fishing vacation.
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Viewscape: Situated on the Thompson Plateau, amidst gently rolling hills forested in Lodgepole pine and Douglas Fir.

Shoreline: Roche has a marl bottom and a shoreline that is dense with tules and other vegetation. Most importantly Roche has huge shoal areas and weedbeds that extend out into the lake and then drop off to a maximum depth of 21.3 m. (70 ft.). The lake features many bays and also 4 islands. All in all, a superb recipe for the making of a great fly fishing lake.

Nearby Lakes

Black Lake - Black Lake is located off the northeast corner of Roche. It has a surface area of 18 ha. (44.5 ac.) and supports a good Brook trout fishery. These fish will reach 2 lbs. or better and produces best during spring and fall. Winter ice fishing is also good. A small BCFS campsite can be found on the lake.

Bog Lake - Bog Lake, a small lake of 6 ha. (15 ac.) is located 2 km. (1.3 mi.) east of Black, and is also a very good Brook trout lake. It is reported to be an excellent producer of large brookies in the winter ice fishing months.

Ernest Lake - Ernest Lake, located 2 km. (1.3 mi.) past Bog, has a surface area of 25 ha. (61.8 ac.). Managed as a quality water, fly only lake, Ernest is a consistent producer of 4 lb. rainbows. An exciting lake that is best during the spring and fall months. Cartop boats can be launced in all 3 lakes, however there are no developed campsites on Bog or Ernest. Most people use Roche Lake as their base camp. A truck should be used to get into Black Lake and 4x4's are recommended for Bog and Ernest. See also Bulman Lake.

Note: Always check your current BC Fishing regulations before you start fishing a new lake.


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Roche Lake, British Columbia