Lake Productivity Regions of BC

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Table 1 : Lake Productivity Regions of British Columbia
(after Northcote and Larkin, 1956)

TDS ppm
Other Characteristics
A) Coast & Insular Mountains Northern 2/3 of Vanisle: coastal drainage of BC Very low. Less than 60 ppm Granite geology; high precipitation; cool summers / warm winters; very unproductive
B) Insular Lowland Southern 1/3 of Vanisle and Gulf Islands 40 - 100 ppm Sedimentary deposits eroded from insular mountains; moderate precipitation; warm dray summers / mild moist winters; modest productivity
C) Lower Fraser Valley Vancouver to Hope Very low Delta of Fraser River; river and marine deposits; climate similar to B above but heavier precipitation near mountains
D) Southern Interior Plateau Kamloops / Merritt / Williams Lk Areas High 230 ppm avg. Southern glaciated plateau at elevation 900 - 1800 meters; sedimentary soils; low precipitation; hot summers / cold winters; very productive
E) Southern Interior Highland West & east Okanagan highlands Moderate 70 ppm avg. Higher precipitation; cooler summers and longer more severe winters than D above; brown stained waters; low productivity
F) Columbia Mountains Between interior plateau in west and the Rocky Mtn trench in east. From Quesnel in the north to the US border in the south Varied Varied conditions range in similarity between A & D above. Varied productivity
G) Southern Rocky Mountain Trench Narrow valley of the trench 285 ppm avg. Glacially deposited substrates; low precipitation, severe winters, dry summers; low to medium productivity.
H) Northern Interior Plateau Headwaters of the Fraser, Peace and Skeena Rivers; plateau around Prince George - Geology like D above but lower in elevation; more severe winters, dry summers; low to medium productivity
I) Rocky Mountains Between Rocky Mtn. trench and the Great Divide Low to mederate Sedimentary substrates with recent glaciation; elevations to 3500 meters; severe winters, cool summers, moderate precipitation; low productivity
J) Tramontane Plains Small area in NE Peace River High Sedimentary substrate; low precipitation; sever winter. Moderate summers; high productivity

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Lake Productivity Regions of BC