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Barry Thornton
    Barry M. Thornton is a monthly contributor to the BC Adventure Network. He is the author of five B.C. fishing books; "Steelhead, The Supreme Trophy Trout", "Steelhead", "Saltwater Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon", "Fly Fishing, the Thornton Anthology", and a fact/fiction book, "Salgair, A Steelhead Odyssey". He is also a co-author of "The Gilly", "West Coast Fly Fisher", and, the B.C. Adventure Network's, "Masters Series Book 1, Fly Fishing British Columbia".

Brian Chan
    Brian Chan is a popular contributor to the BC Adventure Network, and the author of a BC fishing book, "Flyfishing Strategies for Stillwaters." Brian has also produced two volumes of an instructional video series entitled "Flyfishing Strategies for Stillwaters."

D.C. Reid
    Dennis Reid has spent a large portion of his life fishing for salmon on the West Coast and has had phenomenal success hooking the prized fish. With degrees in biology, philosophy and public administration, and a burgeoning literary career in poetry and fiction, Dennis seems to be particularly suited to the mental and physical battle that is salmon fishing.

Dennis Kaska
    Dennis works as an employment counsellor and devotes a lot of time to his family. In his spare time he likes to explore the back country, play guitar, listen to music, read and above all, write.

Doc Waters
    Every so often, in the course of shooting the bull with other anglers, I have heard recurring stories about the antics of birds on certain lakes. The tales usually revolve around eagles or loons, who, as the story goes, have become so bold that they steal fish right off the angler's hook!

Fred Curtis
    For the last 10 years, Fred and Anne Curtis have owned the popular Sportsmans Service outdoors and flyshop in Lac La Hache. Prior to that, Fred's experience as manager/buyer for a major sporting goods supplier, allowed them to fish most of the rivers and lakes in the Pacific Northwest.

Gordon Honey
    Let me introduce myself. Prior to my current professional piscatorial pursuit, I spent 27 years in the Television Broadcast Industry, which concluded in 1992. Following much soul searching (about 30 seconds worth), and with a little jingle in my pocket, I decided to turn this opportunity and my passion for flyfishing, into a career.

Ian Forbes
    Ian Forbes has fished the rivers of the province for 40 years. His 35 year employment with the Ministry of Forests has allowed him the freedom to sample all the major rivers and most of the smaller ones. He has been a regular outdoor writer for over 20 years and had fishing articles published as far back as 1958. He is the fly tying columnist for B.C. Outdoors and does features for most of the outdoor magazines.

Jan Lee
    Her writings have ranged from articles on travel and Northwest history to poetry and fiction. She has been published in Canada, the United States and Mexico. In addition to writing travel articles, she occasionally teaches specialized language courses to boaters and fellow travellers.

Murphy Shewchuk
    I grew up in the British Columbia mining town of Pioneer Gold Mines during the late 1950s. I developed a triple interest in outdoor exploring, photography and electronics while still a teenager. In 1971, my work took me to Kamloops B.C., where I began writing a weekly Outdoor Scene column for the Kamloops Sentinel. From the column, I moved on to features in BC Outdoors and many other magazines. My wife Katharine and I now live in Merritt, B.C. where I write and illustrate newspaper and internet columns, magazine articles and books.

Peter Austen
    Peter Austen, Ph.D. is a mountaineer, mountain guide with 30 years experience, business consultant, and author, educator and adventure company operator. He speaks five languages, has academic degrees from Canada, England and the USA. He has lived in six countries and has explored and taken groups to fifty more. He was the leader of British Columbia's first and Canada's only truly National Everest expedition, the "Climb for Hope." A true adventurer at heart, he has climbed mountains and mountain walls on five continents.

Peter Caverhill
    In my writing and photography for BC Adventure, I hope you will allow me to dabble in a variety of topic areas including innovative gear and methods; the aesthetics of the angling experience; the future of angling; being neighbourly on the water; fish and fly casting. What I will try my darndest not to do, in this age of instant communication and growing angler population, is direct a lot of anglers to sensitive fisheries, with small wild fish populations and very little angler elbow room. So forget the "secret spot" stuff from me.

Philip Rowley
    I participate regularly in the International Sportsman's Expositions in Seattle and San Mateo plus local shows within the greater Vancouver area. As a commercial fly tyer I have been fortunate to include such customers as Brian Chan, Gordon Honey and some of the members of Canada's 1994 world fly fishing team that traveled to Norway. I consider myself very fortunate to have been part of A.K.'s Fly Tying Tools pro staff, as I had the opportunity to watch some of the world's finest fly tyers. I am currently a contract tyer with Umpqua Feather Merchants.

Ron Newman
    Like many people, I progressed through worms, grasshoppers and lures to fly-fishing. In 1974, I became interested in the scientific aspects of fly-fishing (Piscatology). Since 1976, I have been keeping detailed records of fly-fishing as it relates to the weather, the water, the fish, the feed, the fly, the moon, the catch and an assortment of other information. This computerized database along with research, observation and knowledgeable friends has gone a long way to help me understand the art and science of fly-fishing.

Steve Kaye
    Steve Kaye is a licensed fishing guide and the owner operator of Streamside Tackle and Fly in Langley, BC. He is an avid and passionate fisherman, and is known to his customers and friends as a dedicated and productive angler. Steve is probably best known for his salmon and steelhead floatfishing techniques. Favorites include fishing for sturgeon and flyfishing for all of BC's game fish such as salmon, steelhead and rainbow trout. He is a regular contributor to the Real Angler Magazine and has also co-authored an upcoming book about steelhead fishing and has been a guest on the TV Show "Sport Fishing BC".


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