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As the founding whale watching company in Victoria, BC, Orca Spirit sets the standard and continue to be the leaders in providing the highest level of customer serve, education, and responsibility found in our industry.

Our Spring & Summer Season Whale Watching / Marine Wildlife Tours (May to October) are 3 hours in length and are the ideal seasons to see our resident Orca Whales in all their glory. The Juan de Fuca and Haro Straits are home three resident orca (killer whales) pods. Nearly 100 whales belong to these three pods, providing you ample opportunity to have your own close encounter of the deep. During peak whale watching months, our success rate for sighting orcas is often 100%.

The Fall and Winter Season Marine and Wildlife Tours (Nov to April) are two hours in length and offer an exhilarating boat ride to "Race Rocks" to view 100's of California and Stellar Sea Lions. There is also a chance of sighting Humpback and Gray Whales, and the possibility for sighting Orcas still exists as the Southern Resident Orcas are not migratory whales. Other marine wildlife you can see includes porpoise, sea lions, seals, otter and a host of marine birds like Cormorants and Bald Eagles.

Choose from either the large Orca spirit class vessels with their luxurious indoor s4eating, liquor license, and with onboard washrooms - perfect for seniors, young families, and the high end market, or our state of the art zodiac vessels also with onboard washrooms - perfect for the adventurous at heart. Wee the only company using environmentally friendly Yamaha 4-stroke outboards renowned for their ultra low emissions and quiet operating levels, supporting our commitment to keeping our waters environmentally healthy.

Your safety is our top priority! All of our vessels are custom built for whale watching which means they are high speed and offer the ultimate in comfort, safety, and performance. The Orca Spirit vessels, captains, ands crew are all Transport Canada Safety certified.

We find the whales! Running the largest, most extensive Canadian / US spotting network, combined with our high speed vessels, ensures the highest success rate.

We take seriously our responsibility to focus on the educational value of our tours. We are the only company that has always, in addition to our drivers, provided friendly and fun, university educated naturalists on board every tour. This makes for a safer, more informative trip.

At Orca Spirit Adventures, we are dedicated to educating all of our passengers as to the importance of conservation in relationship to both the whales and their habitat. We practice responsible whale watching and are proud members of Whale Watch Operators Association Northwest.

The spectacular BC coastal waters of Victoria team with an abundance of marine wildlife … and Orca Spirit Adventures is the perfect way to see it. Colonies of sea lions sunning on the rocks or taking a dip are guaranteed to bring smiles. You may also see magnificent bald eagles soaring high across the sky, porpoises or seals delighting in the waves, and strange and wonderful sea birds gliding and diving in the breeze. Every trip is a new and exciting adventure, where you never know what local resident you'll spot next!

New 2500 sq foot Office / Gift Shop:
Our new 2500 square foot office / gift shop, in Victoria, British Columbia, is now open and operating. Our office, passenger check-in, and extensive gift shop are only two steps away from the dock. NO extra walking! Our check-in and gift shop area were painted by wildlife muralist Jeff King and looks awesome! We have added an educational room to further enhance our emphasis and commitment to operating an upscale and educational product. This room will be used to educate our guest on the eco-system and the different species of wildlife in the Vancouver Island area. It also features a pre-boarding safety presentation as well as wildlife slide show.

A courtesy shuttle service is offered to and from any downtown Victoria location.

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