Eagle Wing Whale Watching Tours, Victoria, BC
Eagle Wing Whale Watching Tours, Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Eagle Wing Whale Watching Tours - Guaranteed Whales! See more & do more!

Eagle Wing Tours is a locally owned and family operated company in Victoria's Inner Harbour on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. We offer an exclusive, educational, eco-friendly experience, for the discerning traveler, with guided expeditions that take you through the San Juan and Gulf Islands in search of Orca Whales and other marine wildlife. This is your chance to bear witness to one of natures most majestic & awe inspiring creatures --- the Killer Whale --- in one of the most impressive settings on earth, the Pacific Northwest region of British Columbia, Canada.

As local, passionate conservationists, we are motivated to provide you with more than just "a look at the whales". At Eagle Wing Whale Watching we know that many of our guests have travelled from all over the world to experience what we have the privilege of seeing daily. That's why we take pleasure in striving to go above and beyond on every single tour, maximizing your satisfaction and overall comfort.

We pride ourselves on sharing our local knowledge and deep passions about the animals that live in our backyard with 1000's of people each year. It all adds up to the most complete marine wildlife experience you can enjoy … an Eagle Wing Tour adventure at sea!

At Eagle Wing Tours we provide impeccable service for groups of any size, ensuring quality, flexibility, and personalized attention to every detail. Ask about personalizing your West Coast experience with any of our Custom or Group Charters.

The bird life is truly extraordinary along the shores of southern Vancouver Island. All The birds in our local area delight visitors. There are over 500 islands in the Pacific Northwest. This becomes our playground. Imagine cruising at 'hair shifting' speeds in excess of 35+ knots (40-60mph) across open water exploring secluded coves, diverse wildlife amidst the San Juan Islands complimented by the snow capped Olympic and Cascade Mountain Ranges. Perhaps a little champagne … catered delights … an unforgettable west coast sunset? Your sense of time is lost, but the memory is forever.

Maybe you'd like to cruise through many of the spectacular Gulf Islands & San Juan Islands watching whales and local marine wildlife on our way to visit the remote Gulf Island - Saturna Island. This island is surrounded with forest, rugged beauty and tranquil coves. Walk through a vineyard and learn the characteristics of the grapes, sample local wines, and enjoy the unique enterprise and island flavour.

On your way to the spectacular Race Rocks Ecological Reserve / Lighthouse, meander along the twisting shoreline and admire the Fisgard Lighthouse at the Fort Rodd Hill Historic Park, Hatley Castle at Esquimalt Lagoon, and unobstructed views of the Olympic Mountains. Abundant wildlife, rugged shores, and beaches along the way, the sun vanishing into the Pacific Ocean, an intelligent & witty narrative...WOW!

At Eagle Wing Tours we specialize in Whale Watching, marine wildlife viewing, and custom tours on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada! A 'treasure chest' of diverse marine wildlife awaits you!

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Fisherman's Wharf,
12 Erie Street. Victoria, BC V8V 4X5

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