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Brian Chan is a professional fisheries biologist currently employed by the British Columbia Ministry of Environment where for the past 23 years has worked on trout management in the Kamloops region of the province. Much of his work has focused on managing the literally hundreds of productive small lakes that dot the Kamloops area. He attended Simon Fraser University and obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in freshwater ecology.

Brian has been an ardent stillwater flyfisher for the past 30 years and has been active in conservation endeavors of the B.C. Federation of Fly Fishers and Kamloops Fly Fishers club for more than 20 years. He has authored one book called "Flyfishing Strategies for Stillwaters" and was one of several authors who contributed to "The Gilly" an introduction to flyfishing B.C. waters. Brian's fly tying was also featured in the recently released book "The World's Best Trout Flies." Brian has also produced two volumes of an instructional video series entitled "Flyfishing Strategies for Stillwaters." Brian is currently working on another lake fly fishing book with Skip Morris, noted fly tying author from Port Ludlow, WA. This book will be released in the spring of 1998.

For the past 15 years Brian has conducted stillwater flyfishing strategy seminars. These very popular weekend programs have focused on giving the angler a solid understanding of lake biology and water chemistry which when added to insect life cycles and fishing strategies gives a solid introduction to the world of stillwater fly fishing.

Brian also writes regular feature flyfishing articles for B.C.Outdoors magazine and Fly Tying magazine. He is a regular speaker at Federation of Flyfisher conclaves, sportsmen's expositions and flyfishing club functions.

Brian also enjoys wading rivers for trout or walking the flats for bonefish and other shallow saltwater fish species.

Brian is married and has one daughter who is becoming a regular fishing partner.


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