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Bella Coola and District

Sportsman's Mysterious Disappearance

A sad calamity has cast a gloom over Bella Coola Valley. On Wednesday night word reached the town that Colonel Robert F. Lindsell, had disappeared, and in spite of a thorough search of the vicinity by the neighboring settlers no trace of him could be found.

It appears that Col. Lindsell, who was an ardent sportsman, had taken his rod and line and gone to the river to enjoy the excellent trout fishing which these waters provide. When he failed to appear at the home of Mr. S. Le C. Grant, where he was making his temporary residence, at his accustomed time, some anxiety arose as to his whereabouts, which rapidly increased when it was found that he was not to be located at the homes of any of the neighbors, where it was hoped he had gone to pay a friendly visit.

On word of his disappearance reaching town, constable Broughton left for the spot and continued the search but without avail. Returning to town, he engaged Indians with canoes and all day Thursday the search was continued.

It is stated that the Colonel can be traced to the river, where it seems likely that he waded out to a large rock on which he took his position in order to pursue his favorite sport. It is assumed that he either overbalanced and fell from his rock, or that being tempted to cross the river he was swept off his feet by the rapidly running stream and carried under one of the numerous log-jams in this part of the river.

Colonel Lindsell, who had for some years retired from the British army, had spend several months visiting his son Mr. G. Lindsell, and by his genial manner had won many friends who will deeply regret his sad death.

Much sympathy is being expressed with Mr. and Mrs. G. Lindsell and son in their sad bereavement.

$100 Reward
Will be paid by the under- signed for the recovery of the body of Colonel R.F. Lindsell.
G. Lindsell,
Hagensborg, BC
$150 Reward
Will be paid by the under- signed for the recovery of the body of Colonel R.F. Lindsell
G. Lindsell,
Hagensborg, BC

Bella Coola, BC Saturday, June 20, 1914

Pic from Bella Coola Motel
The body of Colonel Robert F. Lindsell, who met his death by drowning in the Bella Coola River on April 8th last, was found floating in the Inlet on Saturday last by a local fisherman. The remains were taken to the Bella Coola cannery where after being identified, preparations were made for interment.

The funeral took place on Sunday afternoon from the home of Mr. J. Clayton, Rev. H. Sageng of Hagensborg officiating.

The coffin was appropriately draped with the Union Jack and covered with numerous floral wreaths, and many people from different parts of the valley attended to pay their last respects to a brave soldier and a kind and genial neighbor.

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